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Injury Care & Management

Jet Medical Center® understands the impact an injury has on both the employee, and the employer.

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Physical Exam & Testing

Jet Medical Center® offers a variety of physical exams and fitness for duty evaluations that can be customized for your particular workplace.

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Drug Screen Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse constitute a significant problem in the workplace, contributing to low productivity and poor job performance.

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Specialists in Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine is the branch of medicine that determines causation and manages the treatment of work-related injuries. Causation, as it relates to occupational medicine, is the legal term that is used to establish if the need for medical care is specifically related to a work-related incident.

Our pledge to both the employer and injured worker is that we will provide you excellent medical care. Without this, complications will occur, treatment will be prolonged and medical costs will rise.

Besides providing great care, we understand the workers' compensation system, and its impact on your company's financial health. We believe something that can be cured in 3 weeks, shouldn’t take 8 weeks to heal. It is not enough to fix the problem; we must also fix the problem as efficiently as possible.

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Healthcare Technology

Effectively managing workplace healthcare requires more than an excellent medical staff and services. By using software that is specifically engineered for occupational medicine, our staff is able to tailor the employees’ experience at the clinic according to each company’s expectations.

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Emergency Room Care Is Expensive

To help control costs we recommend, whenever possible, that employers avoid hospital emergency rooms. When an employee is injured on the job we suggest that you bring them to our office or contact us to help you assess the severity of the injury and the need for emergency care. We are your occupational medicine ER alternative.

We offer state-of-the art technology services including electronic medical records which means no waiting for possible lost or missing paper charts, no excessive costs for paper copies and associated problems with hard to read provider’s handwriting. The office notes produced, as a record of your employee’s visit, will be typed and formatted for easy reading. This translates into quick check-in and fast checkout so your employee will spend less time waiting in line and more time with the healthcare provider helping them heal.

Client Partnership

Jet Medical Center® takes its relationships with client businesses seriously and makes every attempt to meet the needs of the customer. We recognize that our customer is not just the patient.

This solid relationship between the client company and Jet Medical Center® will serve as a basis for developing customized health and wellness services for employees.

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About Jet Medical Center®

Jet Medical Center® is a leading provider of Occupational Medicine services. Our experts will provide medical care to your injured employees, in addition, we offer physical examination testing, drug screening / collections, radiology, audiology, pulmonary function testing, immunizations, MRO services and more!

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