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About Jet Medical Center

Meet Dr. Samer R. Choksi

Samer R. Choksi, MD, MPH founder of Jet Medical Center is a board-certified physician within the field of occupational medicine. He is also a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). His initial training and internship in family medicine was completed with advanced sub-specialty training in occupational medicine at the University of South Florida, College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida. He now holds dual faculty positions as an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Medicine within the College of Medicine, and as an Affiliate Assistant Professor within The College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. In short, he teaches other doctors the art and science of medicine as it relates to his specialty of Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Choksi completed his undergraduate studies at Jacksonville University (Jacksonville, FL) with a Major in Biology and double minors in Chemistry and History. While concluding his undergraduate degree, he developed an interest in Public Health Medicine and decided to pursue advanced training in this field by completing a Master’s of Public Health degree in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Tulane University (New Orleans, LA). It was during this education, Dr. Choksi became involved in HIV research and this prompted him to pursue a career in medicine, which he completed at the Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI) in 2002.

Seasoned, fair and balanced in worker’s compensation litigation, Dr. Choksi’s expert opinion is regarded as one of the most qualified in the state. He is trained in causation, that is, to determine if the medical problem from which a patient or employee is suffering is specifically related to the incident in question. His proven track record for appropriately treating and documenting injuries demonstrates his high level of skill that ensures your injured employee will be cared for by a specialist from injury to recovery.

To view Dr. Choksi’s board certification, please click on the American Board of Preventive Medicine® logo to the right.

True Story

Within 2 months of graduating from medical school, Dr. Choksi was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in multiple pelvic fractures and a dislocated shoulder. Before he had a chance to treat his own first patient, Dr. Choksi himself became a patient. It was during this time he became very aware of how his own physical injuries, emotional trauma and his inability to work can change one’s life. Because of the great medical care he received during his own treatment period, he was able to complete his medical training. Likewise, it was this experience that further helped him become a more compassionate, and understanding physician.

Our Commitment

FIRST CLASS HEALTHCARE, FAST! ® is our commitment to you. Using modern medical science and technological advancements, to compassionately, respectfully and promptly deliver the most current standards of medical care to our injured patients.

Going Green

At Jet Medical Center ® we understand and take serious the concept of “going green” and are committed to improving the environment while we focus on your healthcare and help you get well. One large way is by reducing paper consumption and utilizing electronic medical records (EMR). This way we have a more secure, convenient and paper-free method of managing health records. We also have a completely paper-free fax system. That’s right, EVERY fax we receive is automatically converted and stored as an electronic document. These documents are then electronically separated (with an accuracy rate of greater than 99%) into the appropriate digital charts for our providers to review.

Do you have stacks of paper records from your previous physicians and / or hospitals that you would like for us to review and merge into your current electronic chart at Jet Medical Center ®? We can do that too! Simply bring in or better yet, fax us those records and we’ll take care of the rest – at no charge to you. Likewise, we encourage all of our patients to take advantage of the patient portal. New patients can save time and paper by completing intake forms online while existing patients can access a whole host of features including requesting prescription refills, scheduling appointments and more. At Jet Medical Center ® our goal is help you get better, while we also do our part by helping the environment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please Contact Us at Jet Medical Center ® – Serving Ocala and surrounding areas of Central Florida.